Weekend Programme

Day visitors, special events & catwalks
Reptiles (Bearded Dragons and Snakes) between 10H00 - 11H00
Stoffel (Banded Mongoose) between 12H00 - 13H00
Luna (Spotted Eagle Owl) feeding and flying at 15H00
Animal Farm: All day
Kiddies Play Park: All day

Meet our animals
Meet our resident Banded Mongoose (Herpestidae) family, when they go on their walkabout. Cuddle them or take a picture or two.

Meet our Serval (Leptailurus Serval). These cats are our friends as they eat about 4000 rodents per year & controls venomous snakes.

Tiger cubs
It will take your breath away when you spot the Siberian tiger cubs (Panthera tigris altaica) come past the restaurant on their daily walk.

Tundra Wolves
Ask to meet the Tundra Wolves (Canis lupus).

Animal Farm
Meet all the farm animals & their babies.

Kiddies Play Park
Relaxed while the kids keep themselves busy in the play park.