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A Sanctuary In the Heart of Badplaas

Within our Game Reserve & Biopark you’ll find unique array of wildlife. In our Game Reserve you will find Springbucks, Blesbucks, Reedbucks, Impala’s, Koeland’s,  Black Wildebeest’s, Eland’s, Zebra’s, Giraffes & warthogs. Our game drives are led by a dedicated field guide who will take you to find Africa’s rare, curious, and most impressive species.

To book a game drive, contact our reception on 079 171 1089 or send an e – mail to info@cradleoflife.co.za

Meet some of our gorgeous animals:

Bagera – Siberian Tiger

Bagera is 10 years old was raised in captivity. Every day he consumes approximately 9 – 10kg meat.  Bagera loves water and thoroughly enjoys swimming. He is extremely playfull and enjoys playing tug of war with his caretakers.

Lacey (on left) – Siberian Tiger

Lacey is the oldest cat at Cradle of Life, She is between  20 – 25 years old. She tends to be quite grumpy and doesn’t like sharing. She loves playing with a tyre and rubbing herself against trees. She is very spoilt, as she is only fed soft meat due to her age. Eventhough Lacey constantly moans at Bagera, they are very fond of each other.

Zabini  – Cheetah

Zabini is a 6 year old male and smaller built than most cheetahs.He looks quite fiesty, but he is in fact quite shy.

Big Boy – White Lion

Big Boy is 10 years old and very protective over his sister, Baloola. He is more bark than bight and becomes putty in your hands when he is fed. He is not particularly fond of water.

Baloola – White Lion

Baloola is 9 years old, very soft natured and calm. She loves playing with loves tyres and her ball. She submits very easily to Big Boy.

Cleopatra – Jaguar

Cleopatra (or Cleo as we call her) is 8 years old and has a personality that is rarely found amongst cats. She is extremely outgoing and very playful towards Patrick one of the handlers.

Sebastian – Lion

Sebastian is 10 years old and sneaky clever. Don’t underestimate him!

Sheba – Lion

Sheba is 10 years old and was raised by hand. She loves a challenge and has a lot of domestic cat manners.

Chatima – Puma (Mountain Lion)

Chatima is 9 years old and hand raised and very lovable. She has domestic cat manners and you can often hear her purring. She doesn’t trust males and she can kill a puffadder without the blink of an eye. 

Whoopi – Hyena

Whoopi is approximately 7 – 8 years old and is a very social animal. He bathes in attention and gets very excited when he sees visitors. He loves swimming in his water pool and playing tug of war. He is always very curious about everything and he is a very picky eater.


There are three giraffes in our game reserve. Two males and one female.  

Aspen – Caracal

Aspen is one of three caracals at Cradle of Life. They are very peaceful cats, but not very sociable.


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Millbank Daschund  Rescue

About Millbank Daschund Rescue

Millbank Dachshund Rescue is situated at Cradle of Life, Badplaas, Mpumalanga. We take unwanted, neglected and elderly Dachshunds in and give them a home where they can live the rest of their lives out.

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” ― M.K. Clinton

If you would like to donate towards this Non Profit orginization, kindly visit Millbanck Dachshund Rescue 

All they need is love

Man’s best friend

“A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.” ― Bob Barker